Khaitan Holdings Mauritius Ltd.

KHML is the Khaitan Holdings Mauritius holding company based in Mauritius for the Telecom operation. The company is managed by an independent board professional and based out of Port Louis, Mauritius. Reputed Lawyer Mr. Jason Harel from BLC Chambers is the Chairman of the board of the company.

Khaitan Group has initiated an international arbitration against the Government of India claiming refund of its investments in India. The Arbitration has been initiated on the basis of the treaty entered into between the Government of India and Mauritius. As per the treaty, a Mauritian investor can seek recourse to arbitration for protection of its investment in India. Khaitan Holdings investment qualifies as an eligible investor under this Treaty. The Khaitan Group has appointed Vinson & Elkins RLL, London (“V&E”) as its legal counsel for this arbitration.